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Shree Jalaram Gauseva trust respects every living creature alike, no matter whether it is a human being, plant or animal and bird. Arham Yuva Group firmly believs in the Indian culture of living in harmony with the nature and world. That is the reason they are into animal welfare as much as in other welfare activities.
Their mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. They provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully.

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At & Post – Bhabhar, Ta. Bhabhar, Dist. Banaskantha, North Gujarat. – 385320

Mobile: 9824641000

Email Us On: jalaramgauseva11@gmail.com | jalaramgauseva@yahoo.com


CBTF Foundation is not in any way involved in any form of donations. We don’t accept any funds from anyone. We are associated with different ngos like World Vision, Parivartan & Jalaramgauseva. We help them by offering them funds. The payments are placed directly between the donor/volunteers and these NGOs through different dedicated platforms. We are not in any way responsible for the operation of any payment or bank transfers.

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